Let us know from which industries you belong to, we will recommend you the best solution

Let us know from which industries you belong to, we will recommend you the best solution

Loofal Protech Solution industrial solution and services is a family of companies providing safe, cost-effective and high-quality services in the industrial sector.

We also handle the industrial based project. We offer high-end work in many industries. We offer services and solutions in Solar, Earthing & Lightning, Lift, DG (Diesel generators), Security system, transformers and much more…

Every industry required electrical solution whether it is small or big but without a proper electrical solution it can be run properly, we will help with this concerned. We are a team of engineers who can efficiently perform industrial work

When it comes to industrial services we always maintain the highest level of safety, integrity, quality, and value during work completion. Loofal Protech Solution brings to every project the knowledge and experience enlist during years of dedicated service to the industry; encompassing preliminary, primary, secondary and advanced facilities. With numbers of completed projects allow the company to work more efficiently further, LPS has been able to develop and deliver the best safety, quality and cost control programs in the industry. To avoid any confusion during work, we always keep our work very crystal and clear.



Loofal Protech Solution is in elite company when it comes to self-performances and dedication towards work.  While most environmental construction firms are eliminating internal capabilities and relying on external sources to perform most of their projects, LPS has kept a pledge to quality by continuing to utilize skills and capabilities for the bulk of the work performed when it comes to delivering on time. This allows our clients to have confidence that we will not only meet but, most importantly, exceed their expectations at each and every project location without any doubt.