When it comes to safety never ignore Lightning Arrester in an electrical parameter… 

When it comes to safety never ignore Lightning Arrester in an electrical parameter… 

Ask anything thing about Lightning Arrester (LA) solution, we will happy to assist you, we will not only let you know about lighting Arrester but we also teach you the best practice of lighting arrester… after all, it is all about the safety of humans and at the same time it will also keep your equipment safe and secure.

The lightning arrestor is one of the important parameters to building in order to avoid damages during lighting and thundering. Loofal Protech Solution is one of the best solution providers when it comes to lightning arrestor. We install lighting arrester according to the building compatibility. We follow the IS, BIS, IEC, NBC standard when it comes to the efficiency and security of the product. We recommend the best and standard quality product to our client in order to avoid future flaws.

Price is also one of the important parameters in a commercial building; in that case, we also have an arrangement where the cheap and durable product can also be benefited in bulk quantity. We also have an arrangement of High-quality premium product which adds a significant value to your buildings.

When any requirement exists, our qualified engineers physically visit the site to make sure client can get the perfect solution for their arrangements. We do a survey before any recommendation to our client. Lighting arrester solution is a very important parameter to any building protection that’s why do survey to help our client with the best solution.

For quick response you will feel free to call us, we will be happy to assist you…..

About Lightning and how Lightning Arrester can save your building

Lightning is one of the dangerous hazards when it comes to the contact of human or any electrical and electronic equipment. When a lightning strike to the building it causes massive damages because of high static current directly come into the contact of the buildings, in that cases if anything living or non-living comes into the contact it will cause direct harm. In order to avoid these situations, we use Lightning arrester to minimize this risk. A lightning arrester is an arrangement where lightning receives path to get earth.


Lightning protection is mainly consisting two subjects, External lighting protection, and internal lighting protection. When we talk about a lightning strike on building then, first of all, we have to always concern in external lightning protection.  In external lightning protection, we have to take care three things interception systems, down conductor systems, an earthing system.


Lightning arrester at the top of the building can only keep safe to the building structure. It cannot keep safe to human and equipment’s inside building. Human always need to follow the best practice in order to avoid any casualty and for the protection of equipment, we strongly advise to install SPD (Surge Protection Device).