AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Investing money in replacing unit why don’t you take AMC from us! call us today for Your AMC…

We offer the best AMC services to our customers. AMC services are provided according to customer requirements. Our AMC services can be charged at a reasonable cost.

The objective of this kind of agreement is to ensure that the appropriate elements and commitments are available for our customers to provide continuous service from us.

The goals of this agreement are as follows:

Provide clear references to service ownership, accountability, roles and/or responsibilities

Present clear, concise and measurable details of the services facilities to the customer.

AMC services include maintenance and smooth functioning of equipment within the user department. You will have trained experienced and competent technical personnel to provide necessary preventive maintenance for the equipment according to benchmark maintenance practices / OEM manual and provide appropriate and efficient engineering services on the premises. Continuous efforts will be made to reduce downtime of equipment.

As part of the duties, we will ensure that all the equipment will be maintained at maximum operating levels. All scheduled maintenance necessary for the maintenance of the equipment will be made and the necessary tools and conflicts for the services will be provided to the personnel provided by us.

Our AMC Service will monitor regularly from our experts. we closely look at client issues on a priority basis, whenever you need support and services we will conduct within 2 hours. Once our services activated our job is to take care your equipment. Never hesitate to ask for the AMC because AMC can Lower down your one-time Maintenance cost.

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