Preventive Maintenance can increase the life of your equipment.

Preventive Maintenance can increase the life of your equipment.

Loofal Protech solution is always to keep ahead to provide the core preventive maintenance. We check then deliver the preventives maintenance service accordingly. You no need to worry about your electrical issue, we will take care that matter a lot for you. For an example: if you have any issues regarding earthing and lightning protection, what we will do, we will check the earthing properly and help you with the current value of your earthing installed. If it will require maintenance or replacement we will help you with our experts recommended solutions which can help to avoid future hazards.

‘Loofal Protech Solutions’ provides comprehensive preventive maintenance and immediate service for all resident, commercial, industrial and institutional businesses. We do service and maintenance such as solar power plant, soil and electricity, lift, transformer, DG (diesel generator), security systems and much more so that they can work and perform of their highest level in order to reduce your capital investment. A well-maintained mechanism enhances the life of the serviced equipment, enhances vital energy savings. We provide customized maintenance plans to fit your budget. We adapt all types of preventive maintenance programs to meet all these needs. Our Preventive Maintenance Contract will specifically underscore the work that we will do on a specified device. We will do this on a half-year or quarterly basis, or we can schedule it that can be convenient for customers. Due to scheduled maintenance, we track internally and inform the specified contact. Upon completion, the client also gives a written form of the service to be provided for their internal records. Our maintenance contract is the best value in the service industry. After conducting a comprehensive tool survey, we offer free, no-obligation quotes. Our engineers and technicians will maintain your business equipment and check it well for safety and operational efficiency and tune it to maximum efficiency so that you do not get any interruption between production.


It is necessary to update regularly for device life and efficiency. The provision of our company is to prepare the best method for any defect before it comes. We also keep in mind that instead of paying for expensive repairs, your unit should be examined so that you can find everything under one roof. Maintaining on your home appliance cannot save you money only, but it matters most with the most time and consistency of time. So, why not go to a tune? Our Scheduled Maintenance Program is to protect your equipment which can be invested as an investment once; We will definitely increase the life of your equipment.


You will get these benefits:

Regularly scheduled maintenance can increase your system’s operating capacity and you will also get a control over your energy costs.

Preventive maintenance can reduce your utility bills.

Reduce the likelihood of inconvenient and costly emergency calls.

The effective life of your equipment will also be helpful for a long time.


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