Earthing Solution

Earthing Solution

If you are looking for the best earthing solution in Jamshedpur or any other parts of cities then you landed in the right place. Earthing is one of the important aspects of the Electrical line. If you are using expensive and delicate equipment then Earthing is must in order to avoid shocked or any major hazard. Earthing has its own importance in electrical segment.

When it comes to spending money on electrical arrangement we generally avoid spending on Earthing and Lightning, in that case, you may compromise on quality. Earthing is also very important and using good quality product is very important. Loofal Protech solution always meet the customer requirement and at the same time, we also maintain the quality.

Our Earthing solutions meet the standard:

earthing standard

If you want installation of earthing in your buildings, it would be best to consult our experts who can easily help you with the best solution.

We Install Mineral chemical earthing which is not harmful to the soil. It is so powerful that it will keep maintaining the earth resistance in the long race.  Our product is much more durable than others.

The process of transferring instant emission of electrical energy directly to the Earth with the help of low resistance wire is known as an earthing or technically it is called as an electrical earthing. The electrical earthing is done by connecting the current-less carrying part of the electrical or electronics equipment or neutral of supply system to the ground.

Earthing arrangements for an electrical system is used for the protective and functional purposes according to the requirement of an electrical installation. The purpose of earthing arrangement is to provide a connection to the earth. Earthing can keep it safe from shocked from the open circuit.

Copper bonded low carbon solid steel rod we can to reduce the corrosion.

250 microns copper bonding can be done on earth rod.

As per IS 3043, IEC 60364-5-54, IEC 62561-2 your earthing system is tested to make sure for the better performance

Our earth rods are UL listed

We can also provide the electrical Resistivity test certificate, Salt Mist Test certificate, Tensile Test certificate, Bend Test Certificate, Adhesion test certificate, Copper coating test certificate, Dimensional Check certificate, Short Circuit Test certificate, Corrosion test certificate, Sulphur determination test certificate because Sulphur is not eco-friendly, Sulphur determination test certificate because Sulphur is not eco-friendly, Toxicity characteristics leaching procedure (TCLP) test certificate and Short Circuit Test certificate available which can make sure that you are using good quality product.

Exothermic welding can be done.

We have Cost effective solution.

The type of solution offered is being used throughout the world.

Our mineral compound can enhance the earth conductivity.

The earth compound protects the earth rod from corrosion which ensures its durability and efficiency as compared to others arrangement.

The compound which we will use can confirm the IEC-62561-7 standard.

Let us know your requirement, we will suggest you the best earthing solution, which can be durable and affordable.